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released May 13, 2014

Bass: Dan Hemerlein
Guitar: Lee Meadvin
Drums: Noah Hyams
Keys: Jake Cheriff
Vocals: Jake Cheriff
Backup Vocals: Bernardo Ochoa, Jane Jackson, Anna Beckerman
Cello: Jack Reuter
Horns: Karl Lyden & Kate Amrine
Music & Lyrics: Jake Cheriff
Artwork: Elise Assenza
Recording: Jake Cheriff & Jack Hoffman
Mixing: Jake Cheriff


all rights reserved



Modern Diet New York, New York


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Track Name: 1822
follow me down
we’ll go to the park
and walk through the town
Nobody’s here
The fog’s setting in
Where should we go?
Where to begin?
Remember the street
where I stopped the car
and we stood between
the flowers and stars
It wasn’t enough
No not for you
You wanted it all

It burns in my head
not quite regret
I’d do it again
again and again

warm in the sand
facing the coast
phone in my hand
head on the ground
thinking about
the bridges and bells
no longer around
Why not again?
Give it a shot
shake off the rest
an unpleasant plot
Twisted commitment
somewhere in the distance…
Dammit I miss it
and I can’t resist it

It burns in my head
not quite regret
I’d do it again
again and again

Maybe it’s time
to hang it to dry
somewhere out of reach
away from me…
Track Name: Let Me In
I just need a second
if you’ll let me in your head
and then I’ll go
Just give me a minute
to inspect your thoughts
‘cause I just have to know
I won’t be too long
I’m just finding out what’s wrong
with me
Then I’ll fix it fast
before even seconds pass
you’ll see

Won’t you let
me inside your head
so I can look around
Just to check
and tame my insecurities
that follow me around
Oh please
let me…

If you give me one more chance
to fix this twisted romance
I’ll try
Because as twisted as it is
I’m still addicted to your kiss
can’t lie
Now I’m stranded in your doubts
waiting here to be let out
and freed
And although they share your name
I’m afraid I cannot stay
so please…
Track Name: Chemicals
Upside down dealing dozens of holes
This whole broken town is spending all of its folds
on coughs and crafting tools to abuse
all the holes that everybody’s jumping into

It’s so easy
to escape see
when the dirts loose
it consumes you…

Chemicals feel like chemicals should
crushed and unreal but oh so damn good
Oh so damn good

When it isn’t holes its a whole lot of mud
meant to bury all the traces that there wasn’t enough
But the mud it makes a mess and hardens differently
from the rest of all the other tall inadequacies

One too many times
I’ve seen orange crimes
on your dresser drawer
waiting to be you
Who is anyone
when they’re under some
dirt or mud undone
just trying to get through?

Maybe it’s true
Chemicals feel like chemicals should
crushed and unreal but oh so damn good
When filters lift and leave you on your own
Track Name: Umbrella Gun
Oh, well it just goes to show that
We’re a waste and we’re wasting away
Such a dark ugly nature
but it’s ours and we are the same
What does it mean that
someone could make you undone?
Who broke you down
under your gun?

Cry in the rain, you’re a poem
But I can’t know what you lost, no
And your name, it’s a mystery
but your eyes do exhaust
What does it mean that
your face is familiar?
Where are you going
and where are you from?

Hold it high
Yeah it’s your umbrella gun
locked and loaded
open closed
the rain won’t touch you now
Duck down low
Under your umbrella gun
Baby now we’re
safe and sound
from what surrounds
the reason that you go
outside, it’s so cold tonight…

Wish I could help you but
baby you’re on your own
Hold your umbrella gun high